After five years with the Hawks the opportunity came along to redesign both home and away jersey for my American football team the Nürnberg Hawks. Of course inspired by the old the design we kept the iconic feather wings on the shoulders, but gave it a more sleek and modern look. Also we took the chance to finally introduce black as long wished color for away.


Graphic Design - Apparel 

Spring 2022


A few friends, an egg-shaped ball and the passion for the sport were the origin of the Nürnberg Hawks. By now they are a respectable American Football club for amateurs and experienced players counting more than 80 members.

The creation of the Hawks logo should give the young players a symbol to identify with and to be recognized as a brave and serious team. For their first season I developed a full corporate design bundle, including introduction magazine, acquisition booklet, game day flyers, ticket design, merchandise and social media appearance.

Logo – Corporate – Illustration

CRAFTSTOFF – Brewhouse Projects

With their new "brewhouse projects" two brothers want to make a point in the craft beer scene. Max represents honest craft and know-how with his sense for innovative brewing.

His brother Alex is graphic designer and responsible for individual designs and an artistic finish outside the bottle.

Far away from former rules and conventious they are ready to polarize, to create friction and to serve a new experience.

The first brewhouse project cooperates with an american football team and throws a bomb of unconventional and experimental style of beer: The Hail Mary Summer Ale.

Logo Design – Illustration


A short story by Michael Ende (1929-1995) from his collection "Ein Spiegel im Spiegel – Ein Labyrinth" (1984) is the initial point for this book project. The result is a 40 pages book with 26 black ink illustrations attending the original text.

A young groom starts a journey through the desert to meet his bride on the other side after ignoring an old women at the beginning. Whenever he finally meets his bride on the horizon, she does not recognize him as an old man, and starts her own journey to see her young groom on the other side. The man has to accept the absurdity and infinity of their situation.

Illustration – Bookdesign


Arose from a project to create different ideas in a short time. On the one hand the medium of a playing card deck gives a limited raster for the illustrations, but on the other hand it provides enough space for 54 varying ideas with its given faces and suits.


All 54 cards are illustrated individually and served in a handmade paperbox

as a limited edition.



Hope, Love, Hate & the Weird

Each of the four French suits (clubs, hearts, spades, diamonds) of the playing card deck represents a different characteristics. Additionally, the illustrations mostly refer to the digit on the card. With this system it was not possible to insert the drawings randomly.
Clubs stands for hope and positive ideas. Hearts represent the love and Spades it`s contrary the hate and death. Diamonds has been chosen to play the weird and provocative part as an anti-pole to hope.



The uniform conduces to identification and displays certain duties. By wearing the uniform, an individual person becomes a symbol for an conception and its embodied values.

The "Kiss-Camouflage" represents those, who stand and fight for charity and love on the daily social battlefields.


It started as the jack of hearts in an illustrated deck of playing cards. But the idea developed to something bigger in an experimental screen print project in Brooklyn, NY, to a neon pink poster print and a shirt design and is still not at the end of its journey.
Illustration – Screenprint – MixedMedia